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Send my watch back or at least contact me with some information on my watch Add comment


  • Feb 18
  • Luxury / Jewelry
  • Rolex Movement
  • 33

Time and Gems sold me an old Rolex movement from a watch with every other watch part switched for counterfeit ("custom") parts, including the face, hands, band, and bezel. By the time they had finished putting together the Frankenstein watch they sold me, the watch was no longer a recognizable Rolex watch. Anything that was gold was replaced with thinly gold plated counterfeit parts. The parts,... Read more

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I purchased a "Rolex" from Time and Gems only to be told it is FAKE! That should be enough to deter you from buying from them but there is so much more to my nightmare experience. From the first time I called to place my order, the guy was rude, should have been my first sign to walk away but I didn't. I placed my order on a Thursday (did the bank wire) and was told my watch would ship on... Read more

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  • Feb 07, 2013
  • Luxury / Jewelry
  • Rolex Datejusts
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  • 130

My boyfriend kept dropping hints about what he wanted for valentines day. I noticed his most frequent one was for a watch and so I started looking at watches online and in stores and I stumbled upon time and gems' site. After browsing for the perfect watch for him I found a beautiful Rolex datejust that was just flawless!! I wanted to make sure that the watch got here in time so I decided to call... Read more

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  • Feb 07, 2013
  • Shopping
  • Los Angeles, California
  • 71

Purchased a watch for Valentine's day. I received it and i'm very pleased. The people are very nice and work with you with price, but they only budge on what's realistic. I've been talking to the sales team for months and sending them offers but i wasn't able to find what I was looking for at a lower price so ended up purchasing it anyway. a little later my wife found out and she was very... Read more

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  • Feb 05, 2013
  • Luxury / Jewelry
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It has been a year since TIME AND GEMS had my money and are still in poses ion of my "rolex" watch!!!! Yes you read it well ...I have no money and no watch!!! Be aware! Do not purchase anything from this company! If you are interested in what had happened to me email me at cristina.donovan@mac.com and i will be very happy to answer your questions. Mr Reed is a very "nice" person, "answers" his... Read more

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they are adding non-Rolex parts to old Rolex watches and selling them. They add a counterfeit bracelet, they claim to have refurbished the movement. Rolex will tell you these watches are fake if you bring them in for band resizing, service, etc... "" THE ADDITION OF NON-GENUINE PARTS TO ANY ROLEX WATCH RENDERS IT A COUNTERFEIT AS DEFINED BY FEDERAL LAW." I have read many complaints involving... Read more

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after researching where i could get a rolex at a decent price, i saw time and gems and their reviews were pretty decent so i went and got a rolex from their los angeles location and i had it authorized yesterday and nothing was wrong everything was as it should've been. I didn't do the online ordering system so i don't know how the shipping service and customer service is but i'm... Read more

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well i bought a rolex datejust for their 4th of July sale and I picked it up yesterday and got it certified. I am so pleased with it, I don't know what all the fuss is about; their prices are amazing, their staff is great, the experience was overall good. The only thing that was unsatisfactory was that they did not answer the phone the first time I called. My father's birthday is coming up soon... Read more

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