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Time and Gems sold me an old Rolex movement from a watch with every other watch part switched for counterfeit ("custom") parts, including the face, hands, band, and bezel. By the time they had finished putting together the Frankenstein watch they sold me, the watch was no longer a recognizable Rolex watch. Anything that was gold was replaced with thinly gold plated counterfeit parts. The parts, especially those that are supposed to be gold do not match one another in color or construction.

I am more angry with myself for not doing research on this company. They have an F grade with the Better Business Bureau. Any quick search of their company name will turn up countless complaints and bad reviews, many of which sound very similar to mine. I now have a worthless watch, with a meaningless store warranty, and an appraisal which does not accurately describe the item or its worth. The landlord for the address where Time and Gems claims to operate informed me that their lease expired 2 years ago. The appraisal company also seems to have no legitimate physical existence.

Once I received the counterfeit Rolex watch and contacted Time and Gems to get a refund (their time pieces are supposedly covered under a "risk-free 3-day return and exchange policy" with "100% satisfaction guaranteed") they evaded my calls and emails. They pushed me well out of my 3-day return period before anybody would even return my correspondence. Once I was able to get a hold of one of these people, they vehemently refused any form of a refund and claimed I was suffering from "buyers remorse." They became very difficult to reach and were not helpful when I was able to speak with someone. They made no effort to resolve my complaints.

My only options now are to shame them online, take the to small claims court, and file a complaint with the BBB.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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