I want to inform you that I'm cheated € 1850,00


This man pretends to be David Reed. (his real name is Jessie Martinez)

He has scammed people for thousands of dollars.

He also has all fake comments everywhere on google that people trust him.

check this here.


There are many people being scammed by this company.

do not buy some on the website www.timeandgems.com

This man belongs in jail and goes into the jail

Do not buy!!!

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Time and gems is full of lies. They do not honor their 3 days return policy and they'll just keep telling you lies not to give your money back.

I can't believe there are people like them selling fake rolex watches and rolex not doing anything about them because they say it's custom but we all know it's fake.

Please do not make the same mistake I made. Timeandgems will be shut down with some time behind bars.




Philipee Bleyen purchased a watch from our website with a custom dial and aftermarket bracelet. We disclose all custom/aftermarket parts used in the restoration or enhancement of our watches on the website under each listed item. Unfortunately, he is overseas in Belgium and it appears he did not fully understand what is meant by the word "custom".

Nevertheless, we have informed him that we would be happy to offer him a full refund on his purchase if he returns the item. However, he has made it clear that he would like us to refund him before he ships the item back. This is not how we handle refunds. This is not how ANY company handles refunds, for obvious reasons. If he would like a full refund, he already has the return instructions and our assurance that he will receive his money back once we receive the item. It appears that he is attempting to extort us for a free watch or trick us into giving him his money while he has the watch as he originally emailed us confirmation of the watch being returned with a tracking number which was invalid.

Rather than send back his item and receive his refund, Philippe Bleyen has instead chosen to harass our company and defame our name. If you check his BBB complaint, it confirms that we offered him a full refund, to which he had no response. It appears that he is either extremely unreasonable or is simply trying to extort our company. We have done everything we can on our part to appease the customer and remedy the situation.

If he or any customer has an issue which needs to be addressed, they are welcome to call us during our normal business hours (7 am to 7 pm PST) Monday through Friday at 213-622-3679.

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