Time And Gems - I wish I could give them negative stars, Buyer beware!

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"I wish I could give them negative stars, Buyer beware! Read on...I ordered a Rolex paying $8000 for a President Day-Date 18K Gold.

Jason Smith was the boss who served me at the time. It was an Online order off their website, that is now 'down'. I sent payments to Watch Empire LLC (aka Time and Gems) by wire transfer. I live overseas.After taking my money, he changed his word.

Gave me a 'Franken' watch made up of parts that were not original to that watch. He then told me he made a mistake with the serial number and gave me a watch with a much earlier serial number than we agreed.I made the foolish mistake of believing him and took the watch he offered to me although it wasn't exactly what was advertised, it was similar to the one i wanted anyway.When I got the watch finally, it looked over polished, and the rolex emblem on the president bracelet was over polished / wasted beyond recognition.He promised the watch was serviced by rolex watch technicians. Two years later, when I took it to an authorised dealer (ROLEX), they showed me that the movement had been modified, and that the rotor bridge needed to be fixed. The date wheel was wasted, so it didn't align properly.

It cost me over 700$ to get it fixed.I was promised a perfect watch that will last years. Please don't trust them.They are truly fraudsters."

Product or Service Mentioned: Rolex Day-date Watch.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Time And Gems - CROOKS Plain & Simple


Sent my Rolex to them to be PVD coated they took my money and stole the watch. *** mistake on my part - it was shipped to a UPS store box and that alone should have been a red flag.

They were super responsive about answering e-mails until they got the watch, then I basically got the run around. Filed a complaint with everyone I could but just want everyone to know that they should never deal with these guys,

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Time And Gems - The Entire Company Belongs in Prison

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I Wired them money for a new Rolex... they never sent the watch. I contacted the BBB and Time and Gems tried to charge me a "re-stocking" fee which was 20% or roughly $600. Its been 3 years and I haven't received my money back or a watch.

Complete Crooks. There is a certain place in *** for losers like these guys.

Their Manager definitely belongs in prison. I see that their website is now down. I am in a long, long line for a clash action lawsuit against these scumbags. Can't wait to bring these slimbags to justice. See you soon, Gents ;)

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I know someone who previously worked with them, she gave me the scoop. The company shut down, no more website phone or anything.

You should NEVER wire money (especially that high amount) to a online company, to save a few hundred dollars?!

Anyways i doubt you or anyone else would get any justice, learn from this and move on.

Time And Gems - Simple Review #1424764878


Time and gems steel watches Rolex is there specialty Oscar Perez and Mickel David are thifts. I send my Rolex to them because the gold was getting pilling off. I purchased from them now they have my watch and money as well and they having send my watch hopefully the police will catch them and put them where they belong

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Time And Gems - I send my rolex to be fix and they keep my watch, i want my watch back!!

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I bought a Rolex from david 2 years ago, the watch start to get fade on the side of band, i call time & gem, they told me (sam) i talk to) no problem send the watch to this adress and we will fixed for you, your garanty still good, so i send it to the adress given to my by time & Gem, his name was, Sam, he give my this adress , Time &Gem. 2202 S.

Figueroa st, suit 123 LOs angeles ca 90007, when i call back telefone was disconected i fell my heart drop to the floor , i touch my head and said, ohh my god im victim of fraud and internert scam, i keep calling the same and no answer, i told my friend to call and they answers her telephone # she said that she will like to buy a watch, and they send her picture of diffent watch , i got the phone and said who is this , it was oscar another sale person from that fraudalet place ,, i told him you had my watch i want back my watch , he said yeah i got you watch and if you dont send $ 125 for the fed ex you will never see your watch againg , i told him , hey this is my watch send it and i will paid fed ex upon delivery he said , my manager said we cant do that , you need to send the money wire and we will send you the watch back, i told him, how can i truth you ! You disconect the phone and did not answer one call , he said in a very humiliated and rude manner , you think we want to keep your old crapy watch.

, we have to many ,,He said im done with you , send the money by bank of america wire the money and he give my the account and hung the phone , im not sending any money bacause i know they going to stealed too , send my watch back you fake , scam , fraud people , hope the FBI get to you guys and put all of you and the lady answering the orders , im jail !! Send my watch back !!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $4900.

Preferred solution: Send my watch back to my antioch jewelers i will paid fed ex post charge, is my watch send it back!.

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Time And Gems - Simple Review #1416295697


I send my watch to be fix and when i call to check if the watch was ready they disconnect the phone, then i find the 800 number and they said i had to send more money ,please send my watch back , please send it back!!!!

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Time And Gems - Simple Review #1410465577

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Send my watch back or at least contact me with some information on my watch

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Time And Gems - Simple Review #1410299327

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They have the absolute worst customer service ever

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Time and Gems sold me an old Rolex movement from a watch with every other watch part switched for counterfeit ("custom") parts, including the face, hands, band, and bezel. By the time they had finished putting together the Frankenstein watch they sold me, the watch was no longer a recognizable Rolex watch. Anything that was gold was replaced with thinly gold plated counterfeit parts. The parts, especially those that are supposed to be gold do not match one another in color or construction.

I am more angry with myself for not doing research on this company. They have an F grade with the Better Business Bureau. Any quick search of their company name will turn up countless complaints and bad reviews, many of which sound very similar to mine. I now have a worthless watch, with a meaningless store warranty, and an appraisal which does not accurately describe the item or its worth. The landlord for the address where Time and Gems claims to operate informed me that their lease expired 2 years ago. The appraisal company also seems to have no legitimate physical existence.

Once I received the counterfeit Rolex watch and contacted Time and Gems to get a refund (their time pieces are supposedly covered under a "risk-free 3-day return and exchange policy" with "100% satisfaction guaranteed") they evaded my calls and emails. They pushed me well out of my 3-day return period before anybody would even return my correspondence. Once I was able to get a hold of one of these people, they vehemently refused any form of a refund and claimed I was suffering from "buyers remorse." They became very difficult to reach and were not helpful when I was able to speak with someone. They made no effort to resolve my complaints.

My only options now are to shame them online, take the to small claims court, and file a complaint with the BBB.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Not resolved

I purchased a "Rolex" from Time and Gems only to be told it is FAKE! That should be enough to deter you from buying from them but there is so much more to my nightmare experience.

From the first time I called to place my order, the guy was rude, should have been my first sign to walk away but I didn't. I placed my order on a Thursday (did the bank wire) and was told my watch would ship on Monday. Needless to say it wasn't shipped. I called Tuesday to find out why and when I started questioning the guy, HE HUNG UP ON ME!!

I called back and said do not hang up on me when you have thousands of my money and HE HUNG UP ON ME AGAIN!! I called back and calmly asked them to cancel my order. They said we PROMISE It will ship tonight if you don't cancel your order (should have been sign # 2,3,4,5 and six). Long story, I finally received the watch on Friday.

One week and one day from the time I placed order and paid with bank wire.

Then I find out that I spent over $3700 on a FAKE!!!! BUYERS BEWARE

Monetary Loss: $3800.

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Tukwila, Washington, United States #784436

I was told by a local coin shop that selling a counterfeit is a federal offense, punishable by imprisonment. if the amount is over $200.00 (maybe 250).

I happened to be buying a Rolex bracelet from them and was trying to get assurance from them about authenticity. I think you have recourse in this matter.

Los Angeles, California, United States #645648

Yes they are selling fake rolex watches. You don't even have to certify it because you can just totally tell just by looking at the watch and weighing it with your hands.

They have a tiny sentence on the bottom of their website that they use custom parts to their watches and nothing is real about their watches. They are scamming people our of their money and it has to stop!!!

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